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Aetos Imaging builds virtual experiences that transform your online presence. We 3D capture your physical space and turn it into the ultimate digital training tool. We work with a variety of different clients, and have applications currently in commercial real estate training and operations, as well as partnering with Shepherd Center in Atlanta to assist with accessibility and community re-integration training!
Allelica is a Personal Genomics Company developing algorithms and DNA test based on Polygenic Risk Score to predict human traits.
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Arpio protects and eliminates downtime for AWS applications by making it easy to recover from any outage in just a few minutes. Founded by Doug Neumann and Shaw Terwilliger in 2018 and is based in Durham, North Carolina, United States.
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CapWay is a fintech startup that provides financial access, opportunities, and resources through digital banking to the financially underserved and overlooked - including the unbanked, underbanked, working poor, and those fed up with the traditional banking system.CapWay is providing the tools, access, and opportunity needed for the marathon to financial health and generational wealth.
Carework is a analytic and workflow automation software made for long-term, post-acute, and senior care companies.
ecoText combats the rising costs of textbooks, alleviates environmental destruction, encourages publishers to produce high-quality textbooks, and keep students and professors connected wherever the classroom may be. As academic costs continue to rise, the out of pocket cost students face obtaining their learning materials continues to be a place of concern for developing and prospective scholars. Due to this financial obstacle, more and more students choose not to purchase their recommended textbooks each year. Research shows that students that cannot obtain the suggested textbooks for their respective class finish with a lower grade than students who can. These concerns are exacerbated by COVID-19 and have only risen in universities around the country.
Funding U is a merit-based student lender for career-focused college students. It offers an alternative to old FICO and cosigner-based bank loan models, and offers loans on the basis of student's academic performance, career trajectory, and earning potential, thus enabling students to apply for loans with fixed interest rates and avoid dropping out of college.
We are a Saas platform where customers can locate and order from various vendors near them. Currently, we are focused on food trucks in Washington Dc, Maryland, and Virginia.
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Greenwood is a mobile banking platform for Black and Latinx people and business owners. Greenwood features best-in-class digital banking services and innovative ways of giving back to the community. Our communities suffer from a lack of wealth, money circulation in the Black community, and generational transfer. That is why we created a new Black owned financial institution. A mobile banking platform inspired by the early 1900’s Greenwood District, where recirculation of Black wealth occurred all day, every day, and where Black businesses thrived. Today’s Greenwood is a Black owned banking system developed by us, for us. This is our time. Greenwood is not a bank. Banking services provided by Coastal Community Bank, Member FDIC.
We are an innovative, FinTech SaaS company focused on meeting accountants’ complex needs with the next generation of cloud-based accounting technology solutions. Our top-rated products are used by more than 2000+ organizations in 87 countries, and we are incredibly proud of our 99%+ customer retention rate. We have recently been named #29 among Inc. 5000’s Fastest Growing Companies, #26 on Deloitte Technology’s Fast 500 list, #4 on Georgia’s Fast 40 list, among many other accolades. The company also made history with a two-time #1 rating on the Bulldog 100 list, an award that recognizes thriving businesses owned or operated by University of Georgia alumni.